jQuery Sum & Subtract Two Input Fields

jQuery Sum & Subtract Two Input Fields is moved here  https://www.allphptricks.com/jquery-sum-subtract-two-input-fields-values/



4 thoughts on “jQuery Sum & Subtract Two Input Fields

  1. Hi, I think the function sum() can be rewritten as follows:
    function sum(){

    Also, $(“#num1, #num2”).on(“keydown keyup”, function() {
    can be rewritten as $(“#num1, #num2”).on(“keydown keyup”,sum);


  2. Thanks for your input Deepak, i would appreciate if you write your code in Code block.
    For example like this:

    $(document).ready(function() {
        //this calculates values automatically 
        $("#num1, #num2").on("keydown keyup",sum);
    function sum(){

    For your convenience you can check code block format here

    Or leave a jsfiddle.net working demo link, as i provided above in my tutorial. 🙂

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