Simple Responsive Navigation Using jQuery

Simple Responsive Navigation Using jQuery is moved here


3 thoughts on “Simple Responsive Navigation Using jQuery

  1. not sure if you have a solution for new WordPress developers. There are thousands of responsive nav tutorial for html and vanilla javascript but implementing this in wordpress/php is much more challenging and it’s hard to get the help you need. any support would be helpful. Thanks for this though!


    • In WordPress it is very simple, all you need is to highlight current class using CSS, WordPress automatically add class to a selected link, you can highlight in this way nav ul li.current-menu-item {text-decoration:underline;}
      You can check the automatically added class just by using inspect element or firebug. Hope this help you.

      Note: If you didn’t make changes in WordPress automatic Nav code which add class automatically, if you have placed static links which are not generated by WordPress so this will not work.


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